Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Site

Welcome to my new site!

My old portfolio site got cluttered with too much going on and not enough space to show it, so this new design is simplified and will be more suitable to the blog layout I have in mind.

I will also host a lot less on the site, as the many SoundCloud embeds made it very clunky and, until I can bribe someone into making me a professional website, Blogger will suffice. All those pieces that were on the site are all still on my SoundCloud page and will continue to live there. You can find out more on the My Work page, which is listed up along the top along with my other new pages.

New-Site Fun Facts
  • The background photo is by the same person who took the photo for the cover of The Battle EP, Dave Angood.
  • One of the main reasons for redesigning this site was due to a lot of content previously bieng hosted on MegaUpload and, well.
  • It is possible to find a lost map to Atlantis by staring at the homepage for approximately 97 straight weeks. (Do not attempt.)
I hope enjoy the layout and I look forward to announcing more in the upcoming months.

Many thanks,

If you enjoy the site so much you can't bear be without looking at it every time it is updated, check out the links on the right of the page. You can follow me on Twitter, Google+, like it on Facebook or even subscribe to updates by email. (If you were subscribed to my previous website you will still recieve updates.)