Friday, 20 July 2012

'Conventional Abduction' Album Cover

I like to have a sort of release schedule in place for when I do things like this. Although I had one for my last release, it all sort of fell apart because of a certain large music distribution company. But the one for Conventional Abduction is more robust and less susceptible to Apple's delays.

Anyway, as you've heard a song from the album already perhaps it's time to see something from the album too. This is the cover, which features a lovely little alien staring into your heart. I call him John.

The little alien was designed very kindly by Julien Ranzijn.

You should check back here Sunday for another preview of Conventional Abduction. (Another track, what else?)

With the announcement and completion of my album two weeks ago, I'm now considering methods of release. You can help! By answering one simple question: What is you preferred method of receiving music? (Answer on the poll below!)
- Pay-for site (iTunes, Amazon MP3)
- Streaming service (Spotify)
- On a CD (on a CD)
- Directly from the artist (get from their site)

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