Saturday, 28 July 2012

Conventional Abduction Tracklist + Opening Track

I've come to realise that when you've put your everything into an album during the final two or so months of crunch time, when you finish you suddenly feel like there's something missing. In fact, I have been working on this album since at least August; penning lyrics and such. (If you were looking for a cheesy XFactor style montage voice-over you could even say that I've been working on it since the day I first saw a piano. But that's probably not even true.)

Although I feel at a bit of a loose end from completing it however, I am pleased with the final product. I always had it my mind last year that I'd make an album, and it's surreal to think that has now happened. In a sense I don't care what happens with it now, because I'm just happy I've made it. Saying that however, it would be really exceptionally brilliant if you listened to my opening track. It's called My Secret and it's about, well, my secret. (An unusual occurrence in my lyrics actually, because usually there's lots of metaphors...)

To finish this update off, here is the track listing in all it's glory:

1. The Software King
2. My Secret
3. Uncharted
4. Stereoscope
5. Home
6. We Are Family
7. You Promise Me Nothing
8. Conventional Abduction
9. You're Always Human
10. Take Your Shoes Off In A Pub
11. The Headless Horseman
12. Breath On The Wind

Can you collect them all?!

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