Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Past Month...

It's been a busy past month, which has seen me complete my first year of university - hurray for me - and, as shown below, some of my less academic work being showcased for the first time. We'll start with Traction Wars, that multiplayer shooter that I won't stop banging on about. (Well I am doing the sound, so can you blame me?)

Anyway we released an OST preview - that's Original Soundtrack to those who wondered - a couple of weeks back, and it was a piece I wrote to convey the positive optimism mixed with the fear that soldier almost certainly had of never returning. It's a powerful piece, made powerful by the simple chord progression and the strong violin melody. But that's just words, go listen.

In contrast to that poetic description, here is the trailer for a game about a mouse running away from an evil fat cat. It's called Mouse Munch, and I worked on the sound effects and music in mid-May. When will it be released, I hear someone possibly asking? I don't know, sorry.

That's it for now, there'll be a video for my new track out at the weekend to coincide with a certain appreciative holiday. Happy listenings!