Wednesday, 15 July 2015


In BallTopple, you must use the powers of tilt to collect the right colour balls in to their matching bucket. Hone your skill over 3 difficulty levels and 2 gamemodes until you can call yourself the Emperor of Balls, or something.
The challenging modes and addictive gameplay will have you entertained and hooked until you are seeing red and blue balls in your sleep.
This game probably won't change your life, but should keep you entertained for a while. Can you set a new high score?

BallTopple started as a small side-project during the development of my my Interactive Showreel. This was the silly, fun and annoyingly addictive project that is really the first real game I have produced myself. I wanted to give players a choice with the final game, which is why there are two versions. The full version includes 3 levels, 2 gamemodes, public leaderboards, 15 achievements to collect and is entirely ad free. The free version features the same levels and gamemodes but has ads, makes sense really. The choice is yours!

Here are a collection of images to you in the mood for collecting balls.