Project credits...
Vanguard: Normandy 1944 - Sound Designer & Composer. (F2P WW2 Multiplayer FPS). Audio implementation using Wwise and Cryengine.
PILA - Sound Designer. (Original audio for iOS puzzle game)
Particles - Sound Design - Sound Designer. (Abstract sound design, with very abstract visuals.)
ShapeWay - Composer, Sound Artist. (Puzzle platformer released on Android and iOS)
DownTown Devourer - Composer, Sound Artist. (Game jam game for Ludum Dare 33)
CRUX - Lead Sound Editor, Lead Editor, Writer. (Final year short film project with an emphasis on sound design.)
Interactive Showreel - Sound Artist, Audio Implementation (Interactive presentation of my work, created in Unity.)
The Walking Dead: Sound Replacement - Sound Artist, Mixer. (Final year sound design project.)
Orchestral Invasion - Composer (Concept album.)
EPHEMERAL - Composer, Sound Designer, Editor, Writer, Co-Director. (Second year university short film.)
Dissertation: The Creation of Compelling Audio Experiences within Games - Writer
Video Editing Showreel

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