My interactive showreel is designed to showcase work from my portfolio in a way that it would be heard in the games that it was created for: caused and affected by the player. The project was created in Unity and is available on the Unity Web Player and standalone for Windows and Mac. Click on the icons for the desired version.

Unity Web Player**
Requires Firefox web browser
and Unity Web Player plugin.
483mb. Approx. 10mins load
 Full standalone version
Download size: 536mb
 Full standalone version
Download size: 614mb 
Each version of the showreel will work with the default audio output you have setup, meaning it supports stereo, mono, headphones, quadraphonic, surround 5.1 and 7.1.


*Although much testing has taken place to ensure the application runs on these platforms, I do not have the resources available to test on every possible setup. Unity is very good at scaling for different hardware capabilities, and no major problems should occur. If any specific issues do prevent either version from working, feel free to get in contact.

**The Web Player unfortunately takes a while to load due to slow hosting speeds, and I am currently looking into improving the load times for this build. Also the mouse cursor may become unlocked from the frame of the player if you visit other windows or tabs while playing. If this happens pause the game (ESC) and click continue.