Orchestral Invasion is essentially a film soundtrack for a hypothetical film. In other words it is an album in the style of a film soundtrack, but with no film. If there was a film, it would be expensive and have aliens and spaceships and explosions, but there isn't. It's just the music. You get what I mean... The album can be streamed on this page, and also downloaded or purchased through Bandcamp. I wanted to write the album as a showcase, to put new skills to use and to attempt to tell a story with music alone. I'm happy with the result, and along with the small story for each track, the music aids the plot in this - admittedly quite short - 12-track album.

The album tells the story of Simon, and his progression during the fictional alien invasion. The story is told in the individual track descriptions, or from the bonus image you get if you download it. The album is free to download, though any form of payment is optional and will greatly appreciated - have to eat, after all!

I hope you enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed making it. And don't forget to pray for Simon, or something.

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