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About me:
I am a freelance media creative based in London. I have a BSc degree in Sound for Media, a music technology course, with many years working on creative freelance projects and technical experience in live events and broadcasting. I have credits on various game projects, from video games to short films; all of which require equal amounts of dedication and creativity. Working to create unique and engaging projects is important to me; seeing different disciplines come together to produce something great.

My main focus is audio - building immersive digital atmospheres and writing accompanying music. I've also a strong interest in visual storytelling, and enjoy the creative process that goes into producing film and video work. I am keen to work on new and challenging projects, make new contacts, and get invested into new creative workflows.

Experienced with:
- Cubase/Nuendo
- Logic
- ProTools
- Ableton Live
- Wwise
- Fmod
- SoundForge
- Audacity
- Adobe Audition
- Video Editing
- Premiere Pro
- After Effects
- Photoshop
- Unity
- Unreal
- Cryengine
- C#
- Javascript
- Audio recording
- Foley design
- Audio editing
- Audio mixing
- Location recording
- Dialog recording
- VO artist direction
- Community management
- Marketing material creation

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