Vanguard: Normandy 1944

by Pathfinder Games
Sound Designer & Composer
2015 - 2018

A WWII multiplayer first-person shooter, powered by Cryengine.
  • Foley recording, audio editing, voice artist direction, script writing and mixing all audio for the game and promo material. 
  • Sourcing library material where required on a limited budget.
  • Composed interactive music and soundtrack.
  • Implementing audio using Wwise and Cryengine tools including Mannequin, Flowgraph and the engine's audio tools. 
  • Worked closely with programmers in the implementation or Google Resonance - bringing spatial audio to the game for increased immersion.
  • Worked closely with designers to meet artistic requirements and ensure parity throughout the game.
  • Filming and editing promo videos including trailers, gameplay clips and the Kickstarter campaign video.
You can read more about developing the audio for the game here


Weapon Implementation using Wwise with HRTF-based Audio


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