I am a Sound Designer and Composer living in the hectic grey city of London. I have a BSc degree in Sound for Media, a music technology course, with many years of design and composing for freelance projects and voluntary independent game development. With experience as a professional technician and operator, I have mixed and edited audio for live events and broadcast. I have credits on various game projects, from WW2 realism to 2D mobile sidescrollers; all of which require equal amounts of dedication and creativity. Working to create unique and engaging projects is important to me; seeing different disciplines come together to produce something great.

This is me, standing in front of the world. (Not to scale.
Experienced with:
- Cubase/Nuendo
- Logic
- ProTools
- Ableton Live
- Wwise
- FMod
- SoundForge
- Audacity
- Sound mixing
- Game audio
- Foley Design
- Adobe Audition
Premiere Pro
After Effects
- Cryengine
- Unreal
- Unity
- Javascript
- C#
- Community admin
- Video Editing

I am very passionate about gaming and the creation of immersive and engaging audio. With experience in different game engines, as well using both audio middleware programs and code-based solutions, I am able to create and implement realistic and immersive sound and music to enhance the player experience. Along with our programmers, I successfully aided the first implementation of 3D audio in Cryengine, and believe it to be a vital future in game audio. Audio in games is often overlooked, but is vital for aiding gameplay and improving immersion.

Please take a look at my Portfolio

If I have missed anything out or you have any questions, feel free to contact me.